Automated document workflow

Reducing the manual requirements within your workflow will increase process predictability and decrease errors.


Workflow, Systems Integration and Automation of your processes

A key component of the DocuPhase software, is an industrial strength workflow solution that offers robust functionality and visual process modeling. It will increase the visibility into your business processes and empower your organization to increase productivity and accountability while reducing bottlenecks.

Docuphase workflow allows you to easily convert any business process into a browser-based, web-enabled application without programming or development. With our easy-to-use graphical interface, you can define the functionality of a process simply by typing instructions and connecting the workflow.


Automated Workflow Capabilities

Workflow automation is the automatic routing of items based on pre-determined business rules. As the workflow items reach their destination, the responsible user(s) are alerted and given the proper information to complete their task. Once completed, the system automatically sends the information through to the next checkpoint in the workflow, all the way through to completion.

Dynamic Queues

Dynamic queues consist of all the tasks each employee is subscribed or assigned to, in order of their particular priorities. These queues may have one or many users with access to them, depending on the number of people appointed to each particular task. As work items are completed or priorities change, the dynamic queue will adapt in real time, allowing for your workflow to become a flexible and intuitive part of the business.

Parallel Processes

Step by step sequential processes are enabled, which is a typical feature in workflow automation. However, Progression takes this a step further with powerful parallel processing, which allows for multiple tasks to occur simultaneously within your workflow. These concurrent processes eliminate redundancy and wait times.

No Coding or Programming

Progression allows for a seamless correlation of data when creating your business workflow processes and integrating them with other key line of business systems through its easy to use GUI based workflow creation screen. Designing and managing the workflow is configurable without complex scripting, coding or programming.

Reporting & Monitoring

Reporting and performance metrics are a powerful feature of Progression. From viewing the number of assignments in a process by status, to the number of workers allocated to a particular task, reporting and monitoring enable real-time decision making and add more value to timely business decisions.

Increased Accountability & Improved Audit Trails

Workflow creates a clear picture of your organizational processes that are driving the business. A comprehensive audit trail of all actions will be available, increasing your users accountability.

Mobile Support

The workflow within Progression can be viewed and tasks can be completed remotely, from any mobile device. Capture items remotely and submit them directly into your workflow with our app mCapture, available on Android and Apple devices.

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