Why use a help desk solution?

Help Desk solutions add value and increase productivity. They are designed to address different business needs unique to each organisation. A Help Desk is customer-centric and for this reason, it is essential that they provide excellent service to their customers. When a Help Desk or ticketing system is introduced into an organisation for the first time, it is often installed in the IT department with the sole purpose of assisting the technicians to improve customer service. However, before installing any solution you need to answer the core question “Why use a help desk solution”? Understanding your business requirements will help you answer this question. help-desk

To answer this question, it is necessary to first research your user requirements extensively. Spend time in each department to understand the problems they experience daily. Document your findings and use this information to create a blueprint on which you will base your research for a suitable help desk tool. Onsoft has a team of ITIL qualified consultants that can help you select the correct solution that best suits your requirements.


Many articles are penned that discuss the advantages and features of a help desk solution. Instead of going down that road, this article will focus on the benefits a help desk offers an organisation. It is not surprising to note that the benefits package offered by the service desk solution enhances the positive acceptance of the solution by the end-users.

Make no mistake, I am not suggesting that you disregard the features when selecting a solution, but it is not the features that will save you time and money, rather, it is the benefits package. Always ask yourself the question “what benefits will my organisation enjoy if I purchase the help desk solution”?

Let’s look at the benefits that you can expect to find in a Help Desk or ticketing solution in more detail. Remember, not all solutions are equal. You may not find all the benefits listed below in every solution you investigate, but the ones I have listed need to be considered.

Help Desk Key Benefits

  • It helps customers keep track of their Service Issues.
    The Help Desk is a single point of contact where users can report all their issues. A ticket will be created and the reference number will be e-mailed to the user. The help desk software will notify a technician of the new ticket.
  • Improve service delivery with centralised management of all incidents, problems and service request via multiple channels.
  • Reduce service management costs with consolidated service desk automation and a lower cost of ownership,
    Large parts of the daily running of the help desk are automated by the effective use of a ticketing solution. This enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the service provided by IT.
  • Implementation of the required ITIL service lifecycle processes quickly and painlessly. It must be noted that not all Help Desk solutions will be designed to follow the ITIL or Cobit framework. Most of them, however, will be web based.
  • Ensure compliance with IT governance requirements with complete audit trails.
  • Streamline and automate numerous processes within the service desk and beyond IT.
  • Streamline e-mail management with extensive two-way e-mail automation.
    Two-way e-mail functionality that notifies technicians about new tickets while simultaneously sending an e-mail to the user about the status of their call speeds up the IT response time and keeps the user informed.
  • Help IT Management to increase productivity.
    In today’s markets, the organisation’s ability to quickly respond to customers’ needs is vital. Help desk software assists an organisation to operate timeously and effectively. When management introduces a solution of this nature, they are ensuring that employees can perform better and thus increase their productivity.
  • Help the organisation to increase productivity
    The organisations capacity to respond to its users’ needs is vital to success. A modern help desk solution will assist an organisation to operate on time, and effectively. In addition, the meaningful operational reports produced by the help desk solution helps managers to operate more effectively.


Investing in a Help Desk is a sound investment for your service department. It will assist your service team to increase their efficiency. Furthermore, a competent service team will provide excellent customer service and in so doing, keep your customers happy. By keeping the customer happy you are more likely to achieve recurring business from them.  It is imperative that you thoroughly research the solution you intend to purchase and make sure that it addresses all your immediate needs.

A word of warning. Get this process wrong and you may land up purchasing the wrong solution for your organisation.

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