Track-It Technician Web Improves Productivity Of IT Staff

Technician Web for BMC Track-It is the mobile portal for your busy IT technicians. The built-in functionality improves productivity by simplifying tasks.

Power of the Technician Web

Track-It! Technician Web

Track-It! Technician Web

So why use the Technician Web? Well, the Technician Web enables technicians to view, edit and update all tickets assigned to them using a mobile device.

With Technician Web, your support team can troubleshoot an issue from a remote location. They will retain access to the Help Desk, IT asset inventory and the knowledge base using a web browser. Auditing of remote PCs using the Technician Web has never been easier.

Gone are the days where technicians wasted valuable time returning to the office just to update or close a call.

Change Control Approval

Change management is an important function. Being able to approve changes remotely via the Technician Web enhances productivity and reduces the risk of critical change delays.

All senior technicians who are part of the Change Control team are able to approve changes via the web interface.

Change Management

Change Management

Viewing and Finding Work Orders

The Technician Web displays details of assets in the Inventory module and work orders in the Help Desk module in a grid format. This information is managed in views and by sorting grouping and filtering the grids. Track-It automatically refreshes the information to display the current records.

Access IT Assets without installing a Client Application

With Technician Web, a technician can perform most of the Help Desk functions they do without installing a client onto their laptops. This results in faster initial setup, quicker access to critical data and easier updates.


Giving your technicians the power to update their work orders from mobile devices makes business sense. It reduces downtime of your users and improves the productivity of the IT department. This in turn will improve the level of trust your end-users have in the Help Desk.


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