Logging of Help Desk Calls via Email – Has it reached the End of the Road?

Logging of Help Desk Calls via email is the default method available for most Help desk solutions on the market. With the introduction of web-based solutions and the accompanied Self Service [...]

Onsoft Embracing the Cloud

Onsoft is now Embracing The Cloud by making BMC FootPrints available to their customers through Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Customers are now able to utilise the power of BMC FootPrints, [...]

Service Catalogue What is it and Why Do You Need It

A Service Catalogue is a “list” of services providing an overview, in business terms, of business and infrastructure services offered by the organisation. Better yet, think of it as a [...]

Business Metrics for the Service Desk

Align IT Business Metrics for the service desk with your business goals. This helps business understand the financial value a Service Desk adds to the organisation.  Introduction: [...]