How To Customise BMC Software Track-It Technician Web Grid

Customising the Track-It technician web grid is one of the first places to start when you want to view data in a pre-defined format on the screen. You can even export the data to excel or print [...]

Logging of Help Desk Calls via Email – Has it reached the End of the Road?

Logging of Help Desk Calls via email is the default method available for most Help desk solutions on the market. With the introduction of web-based solutions and the accompanied Self Service [...]

Technician Licenses, Named and Concurrent for the Help Desk

Technician licenses to access the Help Desk are available as Named and Concurrent licenses. A Named license is allocated to a single Technician and Concurrent licenses are allocated to  groups of [...]

Onsoft Embracing the Cloud

Onsoft is now Embracing The Cloud by making BMC FootPrints available to their customers through Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Customers are now able to utilise the power of BMC FootPrints, [...]

Value Proposition – Integrate Help Desk with Asset Management

As a combined solution an IT Help Desk and IT Asset Management solution deliver greater business value. Combining an IT Help Desk and IT Asset Management into a single solution adds value and [...]