Replicate and Recover with Double-Take® RecoverNow

An up-to-the-minute copy of branch office data and applications can keep a bad day from getting worse.


Business Challenges

Data loss is unacceptable. Loss of customer or partner information can result in harsh penalties and threaten your business’ reputation. Critical system downtime can also violate regulations and service level agreements. Even less critical business systems require a solid disaster recovery plan to get them running in a timely fashion after an unexpected outage.

How Double-Take DR can help:

  • Provides total DR flexibility
  • Protects your business from data loss
  • Gets your business up and running after an outage faster than tape or snapshots
  • Leverages your existing infrastructure while allowing it to change and scale

How it works

Double-Take DR replicates critical applications, data and entire server images to a repository server for easy recovery to any physical, virtual or cloud server. Multiple production servers can be replicated to a single repository server located on-premises, off-site or in the cloud. In the event of an outage, the selected data can be recovered from the repository to its original location or to a different server located anywhere on any platform. Double-Take DR enables disaster recovery testing without impacting production server performance and protection, allowing you to verify new and existing SLAs on your schedule.

At the core of Double-Take DR is patented Double-Take real-time replication technology that captures changes across any distance and between any server hardware and storage. Platform independence reduces the total cost of the solution by integrating into your business’ existing IT infrastructure. Byte-level replication combined with compressing and bandwidth throttling capabilities enable replication across existing LAN/WAN infrastructure, without requiring dedicated networking resources or additional hardware purchases, keeping total solution costs low.


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Robust disaster recovery for Windows servers and data

Double-Take DR securely and efficiently replicates entire servers or select data to a repository server located locally, remotely or in the cloud to protect data from loss and enable recovery from a server outage. You can recover to the original server or to any other physical, virtual or cloud server. Easy to manage and designed to scale, Double-Take DR is an ideal cloud disaster recovery solution for businesses looking to establish DR plans with minimal infrastructure investment as well as for organizations that need to diversify existing protection at an affordable price.

  • Delivers simple, scalable disaster recovery for Windows
  • Provides one disaster recovery solution for physical, virtual and cloud servers
  • Protects full servers or select data
  • Many-to-one protection allows for consolidation of protected data from multiple servers to one repository, lowering the total cost of resources required for a robust DR strategy
  • Meets stringent SLAs and regulations with sub-second recovery point (RPO) and far better recovery time (RTO) than tape or snapshot based solutions

Built on patented Double-Take replication

  • Continuously captures changes made to your production server at the byte level and asynchronously replicates those changes in real time to a repository server
  • Minimizes bandwidth usage with three levels of intelligent compression and scheduled bandwidth throttling
  • Ensures the integrity of replicated data with patented write-order consistency
  • Uses open file mirroring technology to replicate active files without taking them offline
  • Encrypts data for secure transmission


Complete anything-to-anywhere flexibility

  • As long as your source and repository servers can communicate via common networking, they can be located anywhere, making Double-Take DR the perfect cloud DR solution
  • Easily configure protection for any type of server workload, regardless of its application and data configuration
  • In a disaster, Double-Take DR’s system state processing allows for seamless full-server recovery
  • Take advantage of hypervisor and cloud flexibility and scalability by minimizing resources needed for protection and recovery.

Easy to use

  • Enables management of your entire DR environment from a single unified console
  • Eliminates the need for in-depth understanding of applications running on each server
  • Offers manual or remote installation and automated setup and configuration
  • Validates settings with pre-flight check and auto-fix features
  • Simulates replication traffic to estimate the amount of bandwidth needed for efficient replication
  • Allows you to sort, filter and monitor data on the health of your production and recovery servers via the Double-Take unified console
  • Forwards replication statistics and critical event notifications to enterprise management tools
  • Provides SMTP email alerts directly to your email inbox
  • Offers a comprehensive set of REST APIs and PowerShell commands for automation or integration with other applications

Low total cost of ownership

  • Eliminates the need to invest in special infrastructure by using your existing hardware, storage and network
  • Minimizes the need to purchase extra network capacity through bandwidth efficient replication
  • Reduces IT costs by providing a simple console that even lesser experienced personnel can manage
  • Offers flexible licensing models for perpetual ownership or pay-as-you-go disaster recovery as a service
  • Takes advantage of hypervisor and cloud flexibility and scalability to minimize resources needed for protection and recovery
  • Enhances and simplifies existing disaster recovery processes by keeping branch/remote office servers synchronized with one centrally located repository, while you use existing disaster recovery technologies to archive images of the unified repository.

Fully customisable

  • Rapidly build solutions that integrate with Double-Take DR using the Double-Take SDK
  • Use the SDK to build additional automation for your DR needs
  • Integrate Double-Take DR statistics into your monitoring console or dashboards


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