Maximize the advantages of Microsoft SCCM


Matrix42 Enterprise Manager for SCCM simplifies and speeds up administration and management tasks in SCCM. Enterprise Manager for SCCM also adds a range of user-friendly functions that increase business process efficiency.


All functions

  • Simple, Web-based console for SCCM tasks

    Simplifies the use of SCCM and expands it with additional functions

  • Role-based secure delegation for SCCM management

    Provides clearly defined user rights for individual functions

  • Software and service rollouts in seconds

    Ensures quick deployment of new updates and releases

  • Reliable and easy software and service rollout monitoring

    Allows quick recognition and prevention of faulty distribution processes

  • Graphical overview of all aspects of IT compliance

    Allows quick overview of all relevant information

  • Clear end-user information and scheduling

    For simplified use and error prevention

  • Emergency software rollout stop

    Allows quick termination of the distribution process or the distributed software if errors are discovered

  • Software packaging with visual workflows and order control

    For the optimal deployment of software packages

Your benefits

  • Satisfied users and approval from IT

    Enterprise Manager ensures user satisfaction and acceptance thanks to:

    • Regular, straightforward information on IT tasks that need to be completed
    • No work interruptions thanks to independent time management
    • Self-service installations and interaction options
    • Faster deployment of software, updates, patches, and much more
  • Faster, more efficient processes

    Enterprise Manager accelerates business and IT processes with:

    • Automatic deployment for software rollouts in a matter of minutes
    • Automatic emergency stop function for software rollouts and notification if too many errors are detected
    • Optional integration with the best-in-class Matrix42 Service Catalog, for self-service software installation
    • Configurable, workflow-based approval processes
  • Reduction of employees’ workload in IT with more time for what matters

    Enterprise Manager speeds up SCCM administration tasks with:

    • Ease of use that reduces training efforts for service desk personnel and other IT staff by 60–90 percent:
    • Risk-free delegation of tasks to users outside of IT, enabling SCCM tasks to be completed without access to the SCCM console
    • Decreased risk of incorrect configuration and other user errors
    • Extended logging features with visual status monitoring that enable IT professionals to troubleshoot up to three times faster

Use Cases

Simple report creation

The user-friendly interface of Matrix42 Enterprise Manager makes it easy and convenient to generate visual compliance reports and send them via e-mail. This means that employees without any knowledge of SCCM or SQL can still evaluate relevant SCCM information.

Intuitive use and risk-free delegation

Software, operating systems, patches, and scripts can be deployed with a few mouse clicks, without the need for any previous training. Real-time graphical progress information allows real-time monitoring, which allows errors to be detected and resolved immediately.

Simple tasks can be delegated to less experienced employees without any risks as they do not require access to the SCCM console. Role-specific access is granted to the available functions for software packages and patches, computer groups, and scripts.

Independent task planning without loss of control

If there are tasks to be completed, each user will recieve specific, straightforward information. Now users can decide for themselves when they want to complete these tasks in order to use as little working time as possible. In addition, users are reminded of the key steps, ensuring that the process runs smoothly (for example, closing an application before starting a task.) Compliance with IT guidelines for all the relevant procedures is automatic.


Matrix42 Patch Catalog for SCCM

The fast and easy way to update non-Microsoft software with Microsoft SCCM. The Matrix42 Patch Catalog* for SCCM enables you to patch and update your non-Microsoft software with your existing SCCM infrastructure. based on our proven patch management solution used by thousands of organizations, the Patch Catalog ensures you are able to close potential security vulnerabilities arising from unpatched applications quickly, and with minimum effort. * Powered by Shavlik.


  • Full integration with SCUP, WSUS and SCCM.
  • Regular updates of the Patch Catalog
  • No additional infrastructure or agents required.
  • Patch logic included in the .cab file.
  • Officially approved by patch distributors.
  • More than 40 products covered from Skype, Sun Java, Firefox, Chrome, Adobe, Apple, and others.
  • Continuous extension of the vendors and applications supported by the solution.
  • Proven platform based on Matrix42 Patch Management

Your benefits

  • Reduced risk through fast, easy patching and updating of the most widely distributed applications.
  • Minimum effort required through Patch Catalog updates at least once a week, dramatically simplified patch packaging, and reduced testing effort.
  • Efficient working using familiar workflows and reporting through full integration with SCCM.
  • RSS Feed which informs you about new Patch Catalogs

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