Logging of Help Desk Calls via Email – Has it reached the End of the Road?

Logging of Help Desk Calls via email is the default method available for most Help desk solutions on the market. With the introduction of web-based solutions and the accompanied Self Service interface, we are witnessing a shift away from logging of Help Desk Calls via email.

Logging of Help Desk Calls

The use of Self Service to log calls in favour of the traditional email model has not yet been accepted by all role players. In fact, user acceptance can be divided into 3 major groups. In this article, I will discuss the core characteristics of each group.

The first group I will call the email traditionalists, the second group are budget conscious while the third group includes the dynamic generation Z users. So let’s discuss the characteristics of these 3 groups and their preferred method of Logging of Help Desk Calls.

Email Traditionalists

Email Traditionalists are content to continue logging calls via email. They understand the process and it works very well for them. There is no desire to learn a new, faster solution while the “old solution still works”.

This group does not manage change very well and a concerted effort by management to get buy-in into a new solution or the total failure of the existing solution may be required before they willingly adopt a new solution.

A fear of change by the users is one of the factors management considers when adopting a solution that includes a web based Self Service portal. There is also a misconception at the management level that the users will never cope with a web-based self-service portal to log calls.

This concern is strong enough to delay the adoption of a web-based solution that focuses on users Logging Help Desk Calls via the Self Service portal.

Budget Conscious

The budget conscious group are often very keen to move away from logging calls via email but a limitation in the budget prevents them from moving forward. Very often control of the budget is dictated by one of two situations.

In the one situation money is never available because the budget is always allocated to more important projects. In the second situation funds only becomes available after the IT manager satisfies management that the return on investment is worth the initial cost.

Dynamic Generation Z

Ah, our generation Z users. This is a very dynamic group. Granted, they have only just started entering the workforce, but they are already making their presence felt. Out with the old and in with the new. Self Service web applications run on all tablets and smart phones. They offer mobility, load quicker than the traditional email client and generally offer more functionality.

This group of users understands the Internet; they grew up using web applications and want to continue using them. They will not be satisfied using plain old email when logging help desk calls.


Logging of Help Desk Calls via email is the default method available for most Help Desk Solutions on the market today. However, things are changing and organisations that do not adapt to these changes are running the risk of being left behind.

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