How to load a Track-It! License File

How to load a Track-It! License File

To install a new license file, take the following steps:

    1. Have everyone close out of Track-It!.
    2. On the Track-It! Server, open the following directory, depending on installation (default):
      Track-It! 8.x, 9, 10.x, and 11.x upgrades
      C:Program FilesNumara SoftwareNumara Track-It!Track-It! Server
      Track-It! 11.x new
      C:Program FilesBMC SoftwareTrack-It!Track-It! Server
    3. Copy the new Trackit.lic license file into the Track-It! Server folder and overwrite the existing one if prompted to do so.
    4. Once you have copied the new license file to the Track-It! Server directory, take the following steps to ensure that permissions are setup properly on the file. Failure to take these steps could prohibit the applications from reading the file properly.
      1. Right-click the Track-It! Server folder where the new license file had been copied and selectProperties.
      2. Click the Security tab.
      3. Next, click the Advanced button shown towards the bottom.
      4. Enable the Replace permission entries on all child objects with entries shown here that apply to child objects option and then click Ok.
      5. Click Yes to confirm.
      6. Click Ok to close the directory’s properties.
    5. Next, login to Track-It! as someone with Administrative access, and then click Tools -> Support Center.
    6. If prompted to download and install a new license file…
      1. Click Yes. If No is clicked, it will continue to appear every time Support Center is opened.
      2. Click Ok when prompted to restart Track-It!.
      3. Close Support Center and close the Technician Client.
    7. If the prompt does not appear, simply close Support Centre and close the Technician Client.
    8. Finally, restart the following services on the Track-It! server depending on Track-It! version:Builds or prior
      Track-It! Configuration
      All builds higher than (version 8.5.x, 9, 10.x, and 11.x)
      Track-It! Service Management
    9. Restart the IIS Admin service on the Track-It! Web server if Track-It! Web is installed.

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