Integration Solutions.

Integrate DocuPhase to other business critical solutions to streamline and standardise your processes

Integration is key to maximizing workforce performance and leveraging the benefits that content management and process automation can provide. Core applications such as Accounting, ERP, CRM, HR, Claims, Legal, Lending, Healthcare Management, Electronic Medical Records, Student information, Public Records, etc. are critical to day-to-day processes. They also contain vital information that is often difficult to access and represents only a small portion of the information needed to actually complete a task.

By integrating DocuPhase and Progression into your core applications and processes, all the information that drives decision making is dynamically linked and instantly accessible. Integration allows for the elimination of redundant data entry, an improvement in the speed of user interactions and behind-the-scenes data exchanges to automate and drive business processes. And because users are already working in the

system they are comfortable with, very little training is needed. Users do not even need to leave their familiar environment to utilize the advanced features now available through the integration.

Our solutions incorporate a wide range of tools for easy integration into traditional client-server, desktop, web-based or internally developed custom applications.


iLink: No Coding Integration

iLink integration solution enables a quick and simple integration with any application.




No Coding or Programming. iLink was specifically designed to minimize integration efforts and allow rapid deployment of a fully integrated solution with no coding or programming.

Empowering Business Users. iLink allows for new links to be created without the need for IT assistance or support. Users simply place a button on the target application and define the criteria for the button functionality they desire (i.e., query, scan, or barcode).

Instant Enterprise-Wide Configuration. iLink can also be centrally configured by administrators so that all the users in an organization get the same configuration instantly.

Work from a Single Interface. With iLink, users are now empowered to search for information stored in DocuPhase quickly and seamlessly right from the core system they are working in.




Standard Integration

Enhance standard applications and leverage greater value out of your existing solutions.

Connect to your Core Applications with our Standard Integration. We provide a host of established integration capabilities for common systems such as SAP, Lawson, JD Edwards, Oracle Financials, Microsoft’s GreatPlains, Dynamics and SharePoint, and many others.

Seamless Office Integration. Our deep integration with Microsoft products makes exchanging data and information with Outlook, Excel, Word and PowerPoint a breeze. Users can remain in the environment they are familiar in while still being able to leverage the advanced functionality that our document management and workflow automation solutions provide. Check out documents from within Word, attach an Outlook email directly to a process and automatically populate index fields in Excel – all through the power of DocuPhase.

APIs & Advanced Integration

Seamlessly integrate with your core applications and portals through our many open connection capabilities and development.

Advanced Integration Options with API, .NET and Web Services. DocuPhase is built on a foundation of functional API’s, interfaces and open data exchanges that allow advanced users to fully integrate document management and workflow capabilities into their environments with total flexibility. Programmers, system architects and other IT professionals can be empowered with a rich set of tools to create a seamless user experience. Developers can leverage web services, data exchange protocols, command-line interfaces and other advanced component-based interfaces to quickly develop and deploy customized solutions deeply integrated into existing applications or portals.

Pushing & Pulling Information Behind-the-Scenes. Advanced integrations allow all of your core systems to communicate behind the scenes. Business processes are initiated, data is exchanged and tasks are updated effectively and seamlessly.IntegrationMethods

SOAP and RESTful Support. Get a deeper connection with your ERP, CRM, databases and custom systems. DocuPhase has both SOAP and RESTful web services available to support advanced intra-system integrations.

A Reliable Platform. Utilize our solutions as the platform for your own document management system or custom applications.

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