How to backup and restore Track-It! 11.x using TI.exe

I have often been asked to explain the backup process for BMC Track-It!. In this document I have attempted to do just that. Actually, this document is an extract from one of the many BMC articles that discuss this topic.

BMC Article ID: TIA06587

BMC Track-It!

Track-It! Backup and Restore

How do I backup and restore the Track-It! system, in the case of a system failure?


TI.exe is a command line utility that can be used to create a backup set of the Track-It! system, including a backup of the database, configuration files, and file attachments. Also, the utility can be used to recover the Track-It! system from a saved backup set.

Full article available on the BMC Support portal. A valid BMC Support ID is required to access this article.  If you do not have a Support ID, please contact us.

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