Empower Users with Track-It! Self Service

BMC Track-It! Self Service is a web-based application for end-users. The built-in functionality enhances the productivity of your workforce by enabling the capture of new tickets by the end user. This feature also enables the end user to review the status of a call without having to contact the Help Desk for an update.

 Power of Self Service

Self Service is available for both the technician and the end-user. This article will discuss how Track-It! Self Service can improve the productivity of your end-users by linking the needs of your users with the functionality Self Service has to offer. A separate article takes a closer look at the benefits the Technician Web has to offer business.

User Needs and Self Service

So, what are the user requirements and how can Track-It! Self Service address them? For starters, there is the Monday morning “user password reset” rush that the help desk operators manage. Track-It! Self Service has a default password reset feature that allows the end user to reset his password. The password reset feature saves time, improves the productivity of the end-user and allows the help desk staff to concentrate on complex issues.

The second user need is the submission of work orders via Track-It! Self Service instead of the good old phone and reliable email system. It saves time for the end-user, improves productivity and stores a history of every ticket and the associated resolution linked to it. The beauty of this is that the user can review the resolution of an issue in Track-It! Self Service when it re-occurs.

This brings us to the third user need, that of the power user. This group of users want to search the Track-It! Knowledgebase for solutions without logging a call. This is where Self Service comes to their rescue. The built-in Track-It knowledgebase offers them that capability.

The last user needs, but by no means the least is the Change Management request approval process. This feature enables management to approve a change even when they are not at the office.

Self Service Templates

Templates have been introduced into the Self Service web module to assist users in completing a work order correctly. Speeding up the creation of new work orders saves time and improves the user’s productivity.  This feature also helps Technicians because it ensures that the appropriate information is included in work orders submitted by any user.


Empowering your users with BMC Track-It! Self Service improves their efficiency, reduces the workload of the help desk operators and the technicians. This results in an improvement of the overall productivity and morale of the organisation.

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