The Final Piece to Going Paperless

Intelligent forms solution, iForms, is easy to create, easy to use and easy to manage.


Efficient capture of information

As organizations increasingly rely on the web as the primary means of interaction with customers, they are emphasizing the capture and management of information electronically. Easy-to-use, business capable electronic forms and workflows are a critical aspect of this interaction.

Using iForms, anyone can offer a rich experience online with dynamic forms, while maintaining existing business requirements. Best of all, iForms uses your existing web browser and requires no programming to develop and deploy powerful, real-world forms.


Easy to Use

Graphical, 100% browser-based designer
Quickly create forms using an intuitive, drag-and drop interface
Use your existing web browser; there’s nothing to install and no proprietary “filler” applications
Wide variety of pre-packaged controls to collect information such as Date, Phone and Email

Built-in Business Capabilities

Group and arrange controls in a variety of ways – collapsible sections, tabs, multiple columns
Provide dynamic behavior via business rules – conditional sections that display when required, or computed values like invoice totals
Easily handle repeating items such as multiple addresses
Create re-usable control blocks for efficiency
Allow users to upload and submit attachments with a form
Pre-fill sections of forms based on prior submitted data
CSS standards to create a custom look and feel

Approve, Review & Track

Automatically route, track and manage approvals processes
Digital signatures ensure data integrity
Built-in audit trail for tracking submissions

Enhanced Security

View/submit forms over a secure 128-bit encrypted connection
Multi-level security to control access to forms and submissions

Manage Your Data

Connect to your database; forms can get initial data as well as update the database
Easily integrate with line of business systems/databases
Full XML support simplifies integration with back end systems

Mobile Support

Capture information directly from your mobile device and connect it to your iForm
Submit form data into your document management repository from any mobile device

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