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document-management-systemDocuPhase, comes complete with all the necessary components to help your business increase productivity while cutting costs.

Every organization has two types of data: structured and unstructured.

Unstructured data is scattered throughout the organization; these are your emails, PDF’s, contracts, etc.

Structured data consists of your accounting software, ERP’s and CRM’s.

A comprehensive document management solution captures, stores, exchanges and secures this content into one centralized repository. This enables information to be obtained, viewed and modified anytime, anywhere by anyone, assuming they have the proper security permissions.



Browser-based User Interface

By providing a thin and intuitive browser-based user interface, your organization can easily search for, manage and modify documents from anywhere in the world. Cross-Browser capability supports Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer with versatile HTML5.

Mobile Support

Never miss a deadline again. Access your information through any mobile device to view documents, manage tasks and share information with clients. The iPhone and iPad are fully supported with gesturing capabilities enabled. Capture items remotely and submit them directly into your repository with our app mCapture, available on Android and Apple devices.

Web-based, Distributed Capture

The capture component of DocuPhase, ScanDox, will allow you to acquire data at remote locations. With ScanDox, both scanned images and electronic documents are delivered via the Internet for centralized processing, distribution, and storage within the document management system.

Instant Drag-and-Drop Integration

By enabling any desktop or browser-based application to display documents from the DocuPhase repository without the need for a programming or coding, DocuPhase will change the way your business shares and accesses your structured information. With our enhanced integration component, iLink, your users can integrate any key line of business application with DocuPhase to further correlate data and increase usability.

Centralized Repository

All of this structured and unstructured data then goes into a centralized hub with granular security and controls to be viewed, shared, accessed and revised. Version control ensures the most current edition is available, eliminating multiple varieties of the same document, image or file. The integrity of all previous versions is maintained, providing a complete audit trail of all activity surrounding every file within the system.

Dynamic Linking & Folders

DocuPhase uses common index fields to link together related documents for easy retrieval. By eliminating data “silos,” DocuPhase enables documents to be found in logical and useful ways to minimize search time. Instantly assemble and manage collections of related information in electronic folders with cross-query functionality, an essential feature of any document management software.

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