Adopt And Adapt ITIL

IT systems require a highly disciplined and controlled approach to system management. 

Can a SMB (Small to Mid-sized Business) adopt and adapt ITIL? Yes, it can. Adopt and adapt ITIL at a pace that suits your business and focus on the modules that identify with your business needs.

Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) experience issues and challenges that are inherently different to the large enterprise. Their smaller team of IT experts support infrastructure, the needs of the users, maintain security standards and compliance.


Selective Adoption of ITIL by Small Business

ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) is a flexible framework and not a doctrine and it is challenging even for large organisations to implement.

Therefore, it is important that SMBs focus their implementation on areas that create the most business benefits. Typically, these are the areas where current and best practices gaps are the largest.

The four core ITIL modules that will create the most business benefits are:ITILProcessFloww

  • Incident Management
    Easily initiate, route, track and manage incidents to drive process adherence
  • Problem Management
    Initiate , route, track and manage problems
  • Change Management
    Securely manage change and control change to reduce unplanned outages
  • Configuration Management
    Maintain a clear picture of assets and configurations

By focusing on these core areas SMBs will improve the utilisation of existing resources and eliminate self-generated issues.

Implementing only four core ITIL processes provide SMBs with measurable management statistics and the proactive service approach demanded by business.

To analyse and improve business processes in four different areas is a huge undertaking. It is therefore advisable adopt ITIL at a pace that suites your business.



Adopt and adapt ITIL at a pace that suits your business may require a phased approach. It takes longer to roll out service improvement in phases, but the result is a higher quality of service management delivery.

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