4Me | The Service Management solution built on SIAM

It is time for ALL enterprise employees to receive better services.
4me, a service management solution that is ready for the DIGITAL enterprise and built for COLLABORATION.

Simplifies service management through the tracking of internal and external services. No more complexity to integrate your external partners

The modern DIGITAL organisation lives in Symbiosis with other organisations, relying on its existence and advantages. When two or more organizations want to work together it should be easy and quick to do so.

Without any integration, 4me enables the setup of a ‘Trust Relation’. Quick to activate, it allows the creation and management of SLAs between organizations. Providing real-time SLA reporting, between internal and external entities. Thus all parties can both track the quality of service provided.

Achieve service excellence through SIAM

4me is an enterprise-class service management application
The 4me solution is created with for multinational organizations in mind. Assisting modern organisations in operating across different time zones and in multiple languages.  4me, as the toolset for SIAM, allows for solving the complex requirements, spanning business relationship management and performance.

Service Management Console

The Collaboration tool for Managed Service Providers and/or enterprises

a SaaS solution that allows collaboration seamlessly between organisations and their MSPs. Providing the environment for their workforce to work more efficiently, while tracking the service levels that each provider delivers. Outsourcing non-core activities are now easier through visibility and control.

4me focus on internal and external service providers to collaborate seamlessly, while the SLA is managed in real time. Selective outsourcing services are simplified through the unique features that 4me provides for Service Integration and Management (SIAM).

4me simplifies all functions that support core businesses (IT, HR and Finance), increasing efficiency and improving productivity.  This is achieved through self-service capabilities that support for any type of question, issue or order.