Windows 10? Take back Control


You happily click around the Windows 10 interface to familiarise yourself, noticing that some of your favourite defaults need to be reset. No problem, right? Just open the Control Panel as per usual. So where is the Control Panel?

Windows 10 Control Panel

Clicking on the Windows 10 Start button gives you an impressive Start Panel with Recent Applications; access to all your programs and a couple of beautiful Live Tiles that flip over when you hover your mouse over them and distract you. You notice an option on the bottom left called ‘Settings’ and you click on it and, lo and behold, the new Settings window!

You start clicking on the bland-looking icons with cryptic descriptions beneath them trying to find the old Screen Saver Timeout option, and you are faced with multiple menu options and inadequate explanations.

All the old Control Panel items are still available by simply starting to type their names in the Search bar on the top right. Looking for ‘User Accounts?’ Simply start typing the word. You’ll have a filtered list displayed with all the relevant options. (Those with grey gears next to them are the new Settings Pages and those with the old icons are the original Control Panel Items) Now, try the same with Display settings. Type the word ‘Display’ and then just click on the icon with the blue monitor as an image.


Also, if you are really in a hurry, just right-click on the Start button located on the left of the Task Bar and select Control Panel.
Watch this space for more technical tips and tricks.

Until next time.

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