Xmas2014Onsoft wishes you well over the festive season!

The end of a busy and eventful year is upon us. Christmas is around the corner and with it comes the feeling of a well-deserved holiday away from the office. By now, staff-parties are in full swing and having fun is the order of the day. Stresses and strains common in a busy office environment have taken a back seat.

We wish all our loyal customers a relaxing December holiday and a prosperous new year. Have fun, come back relaxed, and ready for 2015.

Track-It! / FootPrints Disaster Recovery Procedures

Before starting the mad rush to the coast, or wherever you are going, let us gather our thoughts and focus on one of the most neglected tasks in the IT department. I refer to the Help Desk Disaster Recovery Backups.

When last have you tested your backups to ensure that they actually work as intended? We strongly recommend that you review your backup procedure to ensure that everything works as planned. A test run of the backup and restore process will be time well spent.

You do not want to return from your holiday and discover the help desk system crashed and your administrator is unable to restore the database because the disaster recovery backups are corrupt or have never worked. This is avoidable by implementing the correct disaster recovery procedures.

BMC has procedures available to backup and restore the SQL database and application software for both Track-It! and FootPrints. Shortcuts to these BMC documents can be found on our Blog.

Onsoft Customer Support

We are here to assist you to get the correct documentation. If you are unsure of the backup or restore procedure, please email the version numbers of your Track-It!  / FootPrints installation and the SQL Server you are running and we will email the relevant download links to you.

I can be contacted directly at ryan.danvers@onsoft.co.za if you have any queries regarding the downloads.

Happy 2015!Ryan Danvers

In conclusion, to those going away for the holidays be careful on the roads, enjoy your holiday, return safely, and ready for the challenges that 2015 has in store for you.


Keep well

Ryan Danvers


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