IT departments are no longer just a cost-centre.  More is required from IT in terms of delivering services to the business in addition to complement and drive the competitive necessity for the business to survive. IT needs to start thinking and acting like a business. As a result, business concerns are fast becoming IT concerns. But there are hiccups and translation gaps along the way. Most IT methodologies and best practices are measured in terms of how much direction they can take from the business.

Customer expectations have also grown more complex and can no longer be fulfilled by traditional IT practices. Resolving issues is no longer sufficient.

IT Service Management tools must ensure that they can provide improved customer experience while reducing costs.

Key focus areas of New ITSM where Onsoft can deliver expertise and value:

1. Ease of Implementation – Many companies stick with old legacy solutions because of the effort and costs required to replace them. Replacement of old systems can be overwhelming and this is where Onsoft provides value in the replacement and re-implementation process.

2. Ease of Maintenance – Onsoft training services ensure that your team keeps up to date with the solution and retains practical ownership.

3. Ease of Use – Solutions need to be easy enough for people to use so they will take advantage of self-service capabilities. But ease of use doesn’t just apply to the end users. Having a system that is easy to access, configure and manage by your IT team helps ensure you won’t have an under-utilised system.

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