Logging of Help Desk Calls via Email – Has it reached the End of the Road?

Logging of Help Desk Calls via email is the default method available for most Help desk solutions on the market. With the introduction of web-based solutions and the accompanied Self Service [...]

How to backup and restore Track-It! 11.x using TI.exe

I have often been asked to explain the backup process for BMC Track-It!. In this document I have attempted to do just that. Actually, this document is an extract from one of the many BMC articles [...]

Technician Licenses, Named and Concurrent for the Help Desk

Technician licenses to access the Help Desk are available as Named and Concurrent licenses. A Named license is allocated to a single Technician and Concurrent licenses are allocated to  groups of [...]

Track-It Technician Web Improves Productivity Of IT Staff

Technician Web for BMC Track-It is the mobile portal for your busy IT technicians. The built-in functionality improves productivity by simplifying tasks. Power of the Technician Web So why use [...]