Determining the Exchange Web Services (EWS) URL for BMC Track-It! 11.2 and later

A common cause of authentication failures when configuring the Exchange connector for BMC Track-It! 11.2 and later release is using the incorrect URL. On the configuration page there is an [...]

Editing Crystal Reports in Track-It!

One of the questions we hear a lot is how to work on reports using Crystal Reports. One challenge with having a powerful reporting tool is that it can be a little intimidating to users who are [...]

The Pulse – Bump! Useful Track-It! posts to bookmark

Posted by Toby Draper in BMC Track-It! on Apr 22, 2014 9:54:00 AM Original article on BMC Communities A slightly belated Happy Easter to you! I hope you had as enjoyable break as I did!! This [...]

Ask an Expert – Email

Link to original article – BMC Communities Article: Ask an Expert – Email Good Afternoon Footprint Service Core fans! We just completed the second installment of our Ask an Expert [...]

How does the Re-Escalate checkbox work?

I often get asked about how the Escalation re-escalate checkbox works and thought this document may come in use. Re-escalate has a slightly different effect based on the type of escalation.  [...]

Moving individual workspaces to a new server in FootPrints or FootPrints Service Core

Description The documents downloaded per the links below pertain to moving individual workspaces (configuration and optionally, ticket data) to a new install of FootPrints or FootPrints Service [...]

Moving FootPrints Service Core and using a different database type

If it is desired to move Footprints Service Core to a different server and also change the database type (example change from MS SQL to MySQL), this can be done using the [...]

Top 10 most viewed FootPrints Service Core Knowledge Base Articles

TIA04984- Migration of FootPrints version 10.x/11.x to a new server using the migration tool TIA05981 – Downloading and licensing FootPrints Service Core 11.x TIA05922 – What to know [...]

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