BMC FootPrints Service Core v12 Video Series

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We have created videos for you to see Service Core v12 in action. As more videos are produced they will be added to the list below.


Each video is a tutorial summary helping you to become quickly proficient with Service Core. Videos can be viewed in any order but for maximum effect follow the suggested order.

Engage Tips and Tricks: Copy Incident Information to Surveys (Running Time: 6:23)Video
Engage Tips and Tricks: Create a Color Legend from a Custom HTML Widget (Running Time: 5:35)Video
Engage Tips and Tricks: Report and Search on the number of times a Ticket has been reassigned (Running Time: 4:42)Video
Engage Tips and Tricks: Reporting on escalated Issues (Running Time: 5:31)Video
Engage Tips and Tricks: Rules Debugging Tips (Running Time: 4:51)Video
Engage Tips and Tricks: Send Email Upon Assignment Change (Running Time: 8:31)Video
Service Core – Chat – View how Service Core allows you to chat with other agents (Running time: 0:38)Video
Service Core – Getting Help – Learn where you can get more information about Service Core. (Running time: 2:13)Video
Service Core – Getting Started– This is an overview video of the Service Core Solution (Running time: 12:16)Video
Service Core – How to Change the Look and Feel Of FootPrints by Using Portals – This video provides an overview of Portals and Consoles within Service Core, and how to configure them as needed (Running time: 13:38)Video
Service Core – Mobile – This video provides a quick demonstration of the mobile interface with Service Core (Running time: 1:34)Video
Service Core – Administration– Learn the basics about FootPrints Service Core’s codeless administration tools  (Running time: 9:30) – Flycast PartnersVideo
Service Core – Create an Incident -This video demonstrates how to create an Incident within the Service Core portal (Running time: 0:35)Video
Service Core – Creating a Service Catalog– Learn how to create a Service Catalog from scratch  (Running time: 12:46)Video
Service Core – Form Builder-This video provides a high level demonstration and overview of how easy it is to configure and build forms (Running time: 0:59)Video
Service Core – Importing – This video will walk the user through importing from a .csv (Running time: 3:18)Video
Service Core – Key Terms -This video will discuss the common and key terms for Service Core (Running time: 5:26)Video
Service Core – Searching and Reporting – This video provides a demonstration of the Search and Service Analytics (aka Reporting) features within Service Core  (Running time: 15:00) – Flycast PartnersVideo
Service Core – Service Level Management– An overview of configuring SLM, Services, Contracts, Service Level Targets and Work Targets (Running time: 17:07)Video
Service Core – Visual Workflow – Learn about workflows, and using the visual workflow designer to create workflows based on Status, Priority, or other custom fields (Running time: 2:58)Video
Service Core  – Creating a Knowledge Base – An overview of the Knowledge Base in Service Core, and how to create a Knowledge Base (Running time: 4:42)Video
Take 30 Webinar – FootPrints Service Core 12: Tips & TricksVideo
Take 30 Webinar – Introducing FootPrints Service Core version 12Video
Take 30 Webinar – Self-ServiceVideo
Take 30 Webinar – Service Analytics, Reporting and DashboardsVideo
Take 30 Webinar – Visual Workflow Designer & Business RulesVideo
Track-It! to FootPrints – Creating Service Catalog and Workspaces (Running time: 9:44) – Flycast PartnersVideo
Track-It! to FootPrints – Incident Management (Running time: 10:03) – Flycast PartnersVideo
Track-It! to FootPrints – Introduction (Running time: 3:07) – Flycast PartnersVideo
Track-It! to FootPrints – Workflows and Reporting (Running time: 17:33) – Flycast PartnersVideo
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