rDirectory, Namescape’s unique solution for identity information management.

A powerful identity application design platform for Active Directory that immediately empowers your employees to safely and securely search the data in AD and AD LDS (formerly ADAM) and edit personal information, all within minutes of deployment.


Automate Active Directory

Active Directory management is a huge challenge. The time spent manually digging through AD to find and change information can consume so much IT time that more critical initiatives are delayed or ignored.

Why rDirectory?

  • Role-Based Access and Self-Service Editing.
  • Multiple levels of delegation, group management and Help Desk features that continue to make the management of Active Directory data more efficient and secure.
  • Automatically create new accounts with any group or other directory relationship already defined.
  • rDirectory can be configured to use an external STS (a security token service such as ADFS or Azure ACS) for authentication.
  • rDirectory can be configured to use dynamic Global Catalog selection.

How rDirectory Works

rDirectory discovers your existing schema and allows you to compose applications that take advantage of virtually any class, attribute or relationship already present in the directory. There is no need for schema extensions and rDirectory will automatically detect custom classes or attributes that have been added for your organization’s unique needs.

Web-Based Directory

rDirectory allows you to put a custom face on Active Directory for the entire organization. Accurate and accessible information in the directory enables employees to efficiently contact, communicate and collaborate with each other. With rDirectory, users easily locate and access current information about people, resources and services, as well as navigate and explore organizational relationships. Information and links to resources can be published for others to use and share.

Namescape’s Designer lets you create custom search applications that allow users to search for objects, attributes or other criteria you specify. Role-based access controls also provide a unique authorization model for delegation to users or the Help Desk.

Search Engine Interface with Instant Search Results

Search Engine Interface

The search engine provides a familiar, intuitive interface for searching Active Directory data. Simply begin typing the first three letters of your keyword or object. rDirectory searches across multiple fields and words to deliver the results.

Instant Search Results

Instant search results is an optional feature that will instantly preview the search results in a drop menu after a pause in typing your search term or keyword. You can select any result and click to view the details of the selected object.

Self-Service Editing with Data Integrity Controls

Confidently delegate tasks while maintaining control of your data

  • Delegation
  • Enforcement
  • Maintenance

None of these tasks are easily accomplished with native tools, however rDirectory gives administrators the flexibility and control they need to ensure accuracy and consistency in AD.
rDirectory offers an authorization model that defines access based on different role types, so you can securely delegate routine tasks to users that typically take up valuable IT and Help Desk time.

Enforcement To prevent users from entering inaccurate data or improper values, rDirectory utilizes advanced compliance controls such as:

  • Pick lists
  • Object Selectors
  • Validation Expressions

Continue to enforce data integrity with scheduled data validation tasks that remind or require a user or manager to update profile information in rDirectory.


To maintain current and correct Active Directory data, periodically require users and managers to verify the accuracy of their personal data using rDirectory’s Certify Information feature. Specify the intervals for certification and chose whether or not to make certification required or optional.


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