The truth is in your data. Nexthink finds it.

Uniquely capture all local and network activities in real-time at all your endpoints and transform end-user data into actionable analytics.


Nexthink is the innovator of End-user IT Analytics

for Security, ITSM and Workplace Transformation.

Understanding your end-user’s experience is essential in order to proactively improve IT services. As IT infrastructures become more dynamic, through virtualization and the use of cloud services, it is essential to have real-time analytics from the end-user perspective. 

Nexthink maps all the IT services being delivered, how they are being consumed and how the IT infrastructure is performing, through real-time visualisations that provide IT departments with never before seen levels of visibility and insight into their endpoints, users, applications and network connections.

— Nexthink for IT Service Management

Nexthink ITSM.pngWith the addition of more endpoints and with more varied business processes relying upon them, enterprise IT infrastructures are expanding and becoming ever more complex. Nexthink ITSM Analytics help IT departments resolve issues 60% faster, proactively reduce incidents by as much as 35% and improve end-user satisfaction and business productivity.

  • Helps IT departments find the gap between the services that are being delivered and the challenges end-users face
  • Optimise IT operations and improve incident, problem and capacity management

 — Nexthink for IT Transformation

Nexthink IT Transformation.pngNexthink’s end-user analytics gives project managers and teams the information they need to avoid costly assumptions and potential mistakes in the planning and preparation of transformational projects allowing them to identify and resolve issues early to keep IT projects on track.

  • Helps IT departments measure the effects on end-users resulting from any change to the IT infrastructure
  • Provides a better way to plan, execute and measure the results of workplace transformation projects

— Nexthink for IT Governance

Nexthink provides essential visibility and insight into IT operations and security for IT governance, ensuring IT strategy is aligned with business strategy and enabling IT departments to better manage demand, deliver value and protect against risk.

  • Helps IT departments align with the business and prove that the IT infrastructure is delivering value
  • Measure the effectiveness of IT operations, support and security from the end-user perspective

— Nexthink for Security

Nexthink Security.pngIT departments use Nexthink’s enterprise-wide, real-time analytics to detect non-compliant and unusual activity, which represent possible security threats and risks. Implementing Nexthink Security Analytics will help IT departments reduce risk through continuous real-time auditing, analytics and alerting based on leading security standards.

  • Helps IT departments prove that the security policies are working and provide another layer of risk and threat detection
  • Real-time detection of non-compliant and unusual activity, where you need it most, on end-user endpoints

Endpoint Collectors

  • Frictionless and zero-management kernel agent technology for Windows and Mac – physical and virtual.
  • No interference with user experience and client/server updates.
  • Continuous real-time endpoint data collection – all users, applications and connections.
  • Microsoft ActiveSync Bridge supporting any mobile devices.
  • Full privacy controls.

Cloud Intelligence

  • Augmented analytics with real-time threat intelligence, application classification, web domain information, and more.
  • Upload and run immediately on your platform thematic analytics packs available out of the solution library.

Real-time Analytics Platform

  • In-memory database architecture centrally mapping and analyzing high variety and volume of user-centric data.
  • Self-learning discovery, live and historical analytics, and light-speed data access and visualization.
  • Flexible and scalable turnkey software appliance running on standard hardware and virtual server.


  • Power the analytics platform with additional data from external sources such as AD, database and logs.
  • Export analytics results into other tools for further processing and reporting.
  • Build custom integrations or use certified packs.
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