Migration Made Easy with Double-Take Move®

Risk-free, no-downtime migration to the cloud or new physical and virtual servers


Double-Take Move® allows you to migrate physical and virtual workloads with real-time replication from a single, intuitive user console. Protect your productivity with resource friendly technology that eliminates user and application downtime during migrations.

Double-Take Move migrates your entire environment including the file system, permissions, attributes, compression and encryption settings without suspending production operations. It also moves database wp-content/uploads regardless of whether those wp-content/uploads are locked by applications. True data replication functionality precisely duplicates the application’s native write processes with real-time transaction awareness.

  • Migrates the entire system, from simple file servers to custom application servers and domain controllers
  • Moves operating systems, applications and data from one make, model and server configuration to another
  • Captures changes users make during the migration and replicates them to the new server in real-time
  • When the mirror is complete and all changes are replicated to the new server, cutover occurs with little to no downtime
  • Migrations can take place during business hours – no more weekends or late nights for IT staff
  • Mirrors data from the source machine to the new target, even if they are separated by a low-bandwidth WAN
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