Malwarebytes EndPoint Protection

Protects your endpoints with multi-layered, cloud-managed security via a single agent.

The right approach to securing the endpoint requires Multi-Vector Protection technology from Malwarebytes.

Multi-Vector Protection employs multiple layers of technology to address advanced threats that leverage different attack vectors and techniques. Defend your endpoints against all types of threats with a layered approach that leverages static and dynamic detection technologies to address every stage of an attack for both Windows and Mac.


Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection is an endpoint protection platform that uses multiple technologies to proactively protect your computers against unknown and known threats. It:

  • Stops advanced malware, including ransomware and fileless attacks
  • Removes all traces of malware when an endpoint does get infected
  • Centralized management and threat reporting
  • Prevents Ransomware, Malware, Zero-day exploits, PUPS and Adware

All designed to deter and detect, even the most motivated attacker.

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