How to load a Service Core License File

Follow the steps below to obtain the 9 character license code from FootPrints and to obtain and apply the license:

    1. To obtain the 9 character license code, login to FootPrints using an account which has system administrator rights, and access Administration | System | License. Note the 9 character license code displayed as shown in the screenshot below. Remain on this page without navigating away from it until the license key is applied.
    2. Click Here to visit your Support Profile page on the Numara Web Site.
    3. Login with your Support Profile Username and password if you are not already logged in. If you do not already have a profile, instructions for creating a profile can be found here.
    4. Once at the My FootPrints page, copy the 9 character license code from Administration | System | License and paste it into the License Code field as shown in the image below:
    5. Press the Get Production License link.
    6. Copy the long string of characters that are displayed and paste it into the License Key field at the Administration | System | License page and press the GO button
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