How to load an Asset Core License File

Once you have obtained your Asset Core license, it must be installed using the steps below:

      1. On the left side of the console window, expand Global Settings, and click on Licenses.
      2. Right-click anywhere in the right side of the console window, and select Import License.
      3. In the file browser window that appears, browse for the XML license file you received, and then clickOpen.
      4. After selecting the license, you may receive a message recommending to reboot the master:
      5. If this message appears, it is not necessary to reboot the server, though the BMC FootPrints Asset Core Agent service on the master should be restarted to ensure all required modules are loaded properly.
      6. To restart this service, open the Windows services list (Start > Administrative Tools > Services), locate the BMC FootPrints Asset Core Agent service, right click the service and select restart.


       If the license fails to import, the log file in the following directory can be reviewed:

..Program FilesBMC SoftwareFootPrints Asset CoreMasterlogmtxagent.log


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