IT Simplified

Why must a Help Desk and IT processes be complex?

Onsoft strives to bring common sense back into IT through simplification of your Help Desk / Service Desk.

Onsoft believes in “Simplifying Complexity”

This is demonstrated through the services and solutions we provide.
Solutions that are developed to be user-friendly, yet able to handle and dynamically adapt to the complexities that IT experiences.


Help Desk and IT Operations
IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Asset Management (ITAM) are critical components, if managed correctly, that can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Onsoft supplies ITSM and ITAM solutions from industry leaders and visionaries. Therefore, we have the solution that is the best match to meet the maturity for your IT Operations.
Professional Services
Services ranging from product support to customised business process development/alignment. Where standard technology feature sets fall short, our development services will streamline multiple product integrations to assist your company to maintain its innovative advantage while driving down costs.
Backup and Disaster Recovery
Onsoft supplies a range of recovery and high availability solutions that can get you up and running from a disaster in a VERY short time, especially if you cannot afford to wait for last night's' backups to restore. After all... where is today's data in case of a disaster?
Document Management and Process Workflow Automation
Onsoft provides more than just a tool to store structured or unstructured data. We leverage today's technology to get the most out of your information, processes and people. We bring together the paper and process to automate, standardise and 3rd party integration in order to drive down the costs of doing business. Getting more done with the same staff. Information visibility at the touch of a button.
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