How to configure Track-It! to send e-mails through Office 365

This is the next article in the series that I fondly refer to as the “How To” range of articles. In this article, I explain how to configure the BMC Track-It e-mail monitor to send and receive an email using the mail component of Microsoft Office 365. This new release of the popular word processing package from Microsoft is a subscription-based, online service that includes the most recent version of Outlook. As expected, you will find applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.

Microsoft Office 365 as an e-mail clientoffice-365

This article assumes that Outlook 365 has been configured and can send and receive an e-mail successfully. If that is not the case,  go back and complete the configuration of Office 365 before starting the set-up of the Track-It e-mail client. To configure the BMC Track-It e-mail client follow the steps outlined below.


  1. On the Track-It! server login to Technician Client and open the Administration Console.
  2. Under Configuration -> Administration -> E-mail Configuration, click on Outgoing E-mail Configuration.
  3. Enter the following: SMTP Host Name: Port Number: 587 Connection Security: SSL (not SSL/TLS)
  4. Enable the ‘SMTP requires authentication’ option and enter the e-mail address and password information of the account that will be used to send the e-mails.
  5. In the From Address field enter the e-mail address from which the emails will appear to be sent from.
  6. Enter the display name that you would like to associate with the “from address”.


    If the Send Test E-mail feature is used at this point, there is a very good chance that the following error will appear: The requested notification message failed to send. Additional Information Core.SystemNotification.002 — Mailbox unavailable. The server response was: 5.7.60 SMTP: Client does not have permissions to send as this sender [System.Net.Mail.SmtpException]This error will occur due to the fact that the Send Test E-mail feature tries sending the test e-mail as the logged on technician’s e-mail address rather than the e-mail address entered into the Outgoing E-mail Configuration.When the ‘SMTP server requires authentication option‘ is enabled, and the e-mail address entered is not the same as the logged on technician e-mail address, the server will deny the action as it considers this request to be sent by a different user.If you must perform the test, then first temporarily change the e-mail address associated with the logged on technician to match what is entered under the ‘SMTP requires authentication’ section (or create a test technician with that e-mail address), log back into Technician Client on the server as that technician, and then perform the test.
  7. Click Ok to close the Administration Console.

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In this article, I described how to configure BMC Track-It e-mail client to send and receive and e-mail via the popular, web-based Office 365 solution. The possible send-receive error was highlighted, and the workaround mentioned. Remember, that you have to configure Outlook 365 before you can start the configuration of the BMC Track-It e-mail monitor.

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