Where does FootPrints saved Searches and Reports get saved?

Saved Searches and Reports are defined in two text files on the FootPrints server. The files are named Search and Searchlist.

These files are stored in the etc folder or directory of the “base” install location of FootPrints. “Base” install location refers to the parent directory of where Footprints is installed.  By default, this would be C:\Footprints on a Windows server and /usr/local/footprints on a Unix or Linux server. The actual “base” install location is determined by the administrator at the time of installation. For example, the Search and Searchlist files may be in one of the following locations:

For a Windows install of FootPrints:

  • C:\Footprints\etc\Search
  • C:\Footprints\etc\Searchlist

For a Unix/Linux install of FootPrints:

  •  /usr/local/footprints/etc/Search
  • /usr/local/footprints/etc/Searchlist
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