Integrated asset management.

From a single console; discover and dynamically track your IT hardware and software assets’ complete lifecycle.


Streamline and automate client management

Seamlessly automate processes and effectively manage clients with BMC Client Management 12.1, a comprehensive set of capabilities that enable you to discover, configure, manage, and secure all of your IT end points.

  • Pass software audits with ease
  • Reduce data vulnerabilities and financial risk through automated software patching
  • Know what you have – confidently discover all your clients and edge devices
  • Intelligently manage your software entitlements – don’t over deploy and don’t over spend
  • Enjoy turnkey integration with multiple BMC service desk solutions

FootPrints Inventory Manager

Discover and dynamically track your IT hardware and software assets’ complete lifecycle. FootPrints Inventory Manager delivers end-to-end IT Asset Management including:

  • Hardware inventory
  • Software License Management
  • Financial Asset Management
  • Device topology maps displaying asset dependencies
  • Software compliance and usage
  • Security settings inventory
  • Historical change management for managed assets
  • User-focused approach to software and policy management

FootPrints Deployment Manager

Centralise and automate the process of software distribution.
FootPrints Deployment Manager provides bandwidth-throttling to reduce network loading and checkpoint restarts to cope with remote-network disconnections. It even has the ability to “wake” offline computers. For your users that means they won’t be disturbed during updates and their productivity won’t be affected.

For you that means no more visiting individual machines after hours. You can just sit back and track the entire deployment process with real-time reporting and receive immediate alerts if any issues arise.

FootPrints Compliance Manager

Define policies based on your vendors’ licensing agreements and other regulatory standards to quickly assess your compliance levels.

With FootPrints Compliance Manager’s comprehensive reports and dashboards, you’ll be able to monitor your compliance every step of the way. Along with integrated Power and Device management, key capabilities include:

  • Leveraging pre-built or creating custom compliance templates specific to your industry or company standards
  • Assessing licensable software units with intelligent software recognition
  • Assessing your systems configuration against the compliance policy
  • Prioritizing your non-compliant devices for remediation
  • Remediating with the integrated FootPrints Patch Manager
  • Delivering comprehensive reports to satisfy both internal and external audits

FootPrints Patch Manager

Reduce network vulnerabilities and software costs with proactive patch management. Patch management is a key element needed to maintain security throughout the desktop lifecycle. The approach to successful patch management is straight forward:

  • Assess your desktop management solution
  • Identify missing patches and areas of vulnerability
  • Deploy critical fixes to affected devices across your network without interrupting end user productivity

FootPrints Remote Manager

Desktop management – from anywhere, at anytime: FootPrints Remote Manager gives you direct access to core controls on remote desktops, making troubleshooting and fixing IT and computing issues a breeze. Quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues and increase user productivity while reducing your IT helpdesk costs.

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