How TO Expand Help Desk Functionality Using API Driven Development

api-driven-developmentModern, help desk systems all have an Application Programming Interface (API), allowing a developer to expand the functionality of the software without requiring access to the source code. Typically, Web Forms that simplify data capture, and manipulation are some of the first items created using API driven development.


In simple terms, an API is a set of requirements governing how one application communicates with a second application. On the desktop, an API enables communication between Word and Excel and on the Web; API’s make it possible for services such as Google Maps and Facebook to allow applications to “piggyback” on their offerings.

As an example, if you use API driven development to create an application that connects to Twitter. Your application will communicate with Twitter’s API to handle the actual connection. As far as your user is concerned, the entire process is seamless. The tweet is posted in your application and shows up in the Twitter feed, while the API completes the process.

Web Form Creation Using API Driven Development

Assume that you acquire a modern helpdesk solution, configure it to match your environment and then decide that a Web form to capture ticket information will assist your customers. You can use the API supplied by the software vendor to do the development.

Let’s take our product, BMC Footprints Service Core as an example. With the Footprints Web API, you can build your forms or applications that
• create tickets in Footprints
• obtain information from tickets in Footprints
• get information about users, customers, reports, and so forth or,
• all of the above.

API example

Let’s assume that we want to create a new ticket in the BMC FootPrints service desk. With API driven development the sample form will be created, and the information captured in the fields will be passed through a process understood by the API,  and the results submitted directly into the BMC Footprints service desk application as a new ticket.

Basic Submission Form

Place this from on your customer-facing website to simplify capturing of issues and to reduce the workload of the service desk staff. Moreover, it is not just Footprints that has this functionality. Almost all modern applications (whether web-based or desktop) has a built-in API. Another aspect that you should be aware of is the integration possibilities this offers. We have done a lot of integration work whereby a third party application submits tickets directly into Footprints and vice-versa.


An API allows users and companies to manipulate an existing product to serve their interests. It also lets users create alternatives to existing mobile and desktop computing platforms. Onsoft offers development and customization services built around API’s that simplify your work while the system handles the most complex tasks.

If you want to learn more about this great feature, please contact us so that we can assist you in streamlining your business.

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