Embedded images not added as attachments to work orders created by EMail Monitor in Track-It! 11.2


In Track-It! 11.2 if e-mails are received with embedded images rather than file attachments, the new work orders that are created do not have the attachments included.

Track-It! Email Monitor Issue

This is a known issue which has not yet been rectified in the current version of the product. We have reviewed and prioritized the issue as High (1). It will be scheduled for the next possible product update based upon this prioritization and area affected. If you are experiencing this problem and have a valid support contract or you are within the warranty period

Full article with workaround can be found on the  Track-It! Knowledgebase. Customers with active support agreement will be allowed to access this resource.

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Embedded images not added as attachments to work orders created by E-Mail Monitor in Track-It! 11.2

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