BMC Track-It! 11.3 released

BMC Track-It! Enhancements

  • Active Directory (AD) Authentication Configuration
    The user interface now available in the Administration Console in Track-It! simplifies the process of configuring “Windows Authentication” or “Pass Through Authentication” for Technicians or Users who know their AD credentials.
  • Automatic Concurrent Technician Logout
    In order to release licenses for Track-It! for technicians with concurrent licenses, Technician Accounts can be configured to be automatically logged out after a specified time, or they can be manually logged out.
  • Force Concurrent Technician Logout
    In order to release licenses for Track-It! for technicians with concurrent licenses, Track-It!  Administrators can now forcefully disconnect Concurrent Technicians to free up the license.
  • BMC Community Integration
    In order to leverage the strong community population and to further expand its use, we have introduced a new control which will provide a live stream of Blog posts and popular discussions from the BMC Track-It! Community right within the Track-It! Technician Client and Track-It! Web.
  • Password Reset Assistant
    BMC Track-It! Password Reset has been completely redesigned and rewritten for this release. Password Reset provides users with a Password Reset Web portal that enables them to securely reset forgotten network passwords and unlock their accounts without assistance from the help desk or IT staff. The newly designed Password Reset also includes the ability to add a Forgot Password button directly to the end users Windows login page, making access to the Password Reset portal even easier.
  • Web Services API for Inventory/Assets
    In addition to the Web Services for Help Desk added in a prior release, Track-It! now includes Web Services for the Inventory as well. This allows developers to create custom applications or integrations with other tools to add, edit and delete inventory items from the Track-It! Inventory. In addition, CORS support has been added for this release.
  • Rebranding Capabilities for Audit.exe
    If you manage systems for other organizations or are an IT Service for hire company, you may wish to set your own company name and logo in the Track-It! Audit agent. This release includes the ability to customize the company name and icon in the Agent so that it looks like your own.
  • BMC Track-It! Self Service Web
    • Self Service Templates
      Users raise the same kinds of requests every day, and to address them, the user can now choose to make use of the Self Service Templates functionality. This new feature allows self-service users to select from a list of pre-configured common requests, configured by the Track-It! Administrator, to allow quicker and easier submission of work orders and ensure data accuracy for the technicians responsible for resolving those issues.



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