BMC Track-It! 11.2 released


E-mail Configuration Redesign
See the topics in the E-mail Configuration in the Administrator’s Guide *.

  • E-mail configuration in the Administration Console has been redesigned
  • Incoming/Outgoing E-mail Options
    • In addition to POP3/SMTP, Exchange Web Service, and Lotus Notes, IMAP integration has been added. MAPI is no longer supported. See Configuring Incoming E-mail in the Administrator’s Guide *.
    • Administrators can set up how the incoming emails should be handled after they are processed by the Track-It! server: either left on server, deleted, or moved to another folder.
    • If the Automated Schedule is configured, Administrators can configure the system to check for e-mails only during operating hours.
    • Administrators can add email domains to a whitelist so that emails from specific addresses or domains are always converted to work orders. See Setting up Rules for Converting E-mails to Work Orders in the Administrator’s Guide *.
    • All incoming e-mail protocols will use SMTP for outgoing email.
    • Additional append settings have been moved from the configuration files to the Work Order Updates panel in the E-mail Configuration section in the Administration Console. These settings allow incoming e-mails to reopen closed Work Orders. Administrators can also specify whether to validate the incoming e-mail’s address. See Setting up Work Order Status Updates in the Administrator’s Guide *.

 Help Desk

  • Response Date
    • The Date Responded field has been added to Work Orders to display the date and time a Technician initially responds to a Work Order. See Scheduling and Viewing Work Order Due Dates and Response Dates in the Technician’s Guide *.
    • The Expected Response date field has also been added. The field is populated from an Event Policy that matches the Work Order.
    • The Expected Response Date and Expected Response Date Approaching Alarm fields have been added to Event Policies. See Setting up Work Order Event Policies in the Administrator’s Guide *.
  • Work Order Timer / Time Spent
    • The Work Order timer has been added to automatically calculate a Technician’s time spent on a Work Order and records that time in Work Order note entries entered by the Technician. See Enabling Journaling and the Work Order Timer in the Administrator’s Guide *.
  • Stop the clock / Event Policies / SLAs
    • Technicians can designate a status that will stop the clock and place a Work Order on hold. This is so that the Due Date and Expected Completion Date in Event Policies are recalculated and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are not adversely affected. See Defining Work Order Statuses in the Administrator’s Guide *.
    • You can specify in Event Policies to recalculate due dates and times if a Technician places a Work Order on hold. See Setting up Work Order Event Policies in the Administrator’s Guide *.
  • Tracking Time on Work Orders
    • Administrators can track the time spent on a work order by a technician.

Inventory – Auditing

  • If any computers are offline, Administrators can configure the system to continue to try to connect and perform Scheduled Audits until network connectivity is re-established. See Configuring Scheduled Audits (Date/Time) *.
  • Audits can now detect logged-in user information, antivirus software installed on computers, and additional hardware information. See Viewing Hardware Audit Results and Viewing Software Audit Results *

Note: If you are using a distributed audit environment, you must copy both the Audit.exe and the TrackIt.Audit.dll file to the other locations.

 Web Services API 

  • The Web Services API feature enables software developers to integrate Track-It! and other applications or custom utilities in your organization. The API can be used to perform various actions such as creating Work Orders and searching for Work Orders created through other interfaces. See Web Services API.

BMC Track-It! Web

All of the features in Technician Client are also available in Track-It! Web, except the Administration Console.

BMC Track-It! Mobile

All of the features in Track-It! Web are also available in Track-it! Mobile, except the Work Order Timer feature is not available for Quick Edits.

Remote Control iTunes App 

A new Remote Control iTunes app is available for iOS/iPad. See the BMC Track-It! Remote Control Mobile for IOS guide on our Support Web site.

 * All documentation and downloads can be found on the support site. 

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