How to Configure BMC FootPrints to Produce Your Business Metrics Reporting

IT Business Metrics Reporting must be aligned with your business goals. Making the IT Metrics understandable to the business is even more important. How does BMC FootPrints address this?  

BMC FootPrints Business Metrics Reporting

This is a two-part series focussing on Business Metrics. In this article, I discuss how you can use BMC FootPrints to address this issue.

Business Metrics for the service desk

How to configure BMC FootPrints to Produce your Business Metrics Reporting (this article)

In the first article in the Business Metrics series, I focussed on the connection between IT effort and business productivity. One of the main problems discussed was that IT metrics is not aligned with Business goals.

In this article about Business Metrics, I will focus on the Business Metrics features included in BMC FootPrints Service Core, and how they are used by business to report the Service Metrics in business terms.

Business Metrics Reporting

Business metrics statistics mainly originate from the IT service desk, but that is not the only place you can find them.  They also come from customers who interact with your computer services via the Service Catalogue. BMC FootPrints also supplies a Management Dashboard displaying key business metrics. A huge advantage of this dashboard is that the data is dynamically updated as it changes in the database.

IT Service Desk Reporting

This is the focal point for all reporting done by the IT department, and BMC has done an impressive job creating a dynamic and flexible reporting capability. Included in the  Business Metrics Reporting suite is the Executive Dashboard. Complex searches, with filtering options, can be configured as reports and viewed as graphs in the Executive Dashboard.

Executive Dashboard

BMC FootPrints Dashboard

Executive Dashboard

The Executive Dashboard provides Business Intelligence Metrics regarding the performance of your service desk. You can view trending and show data changes over time in a single view. This style of Business Metrics reporting helps the organisation understand their complex IT infrastructure.

Certain types of Executive Dashboard reports have been pre-configured for business needs.

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) report. The SLA report allows you to specify the thresholds and see how agents are doing in maintaining them.
  • Resolution Rate Report—The First Contact Resolution Rate and a Resolution Rate report are combined allowing you to watch the convergence of those two types of information in one place.
  • Watchlist Report — You can view a problem type and track how many of those problems were created during a particular period (day, week, month, quarter, or year).
  • Activity Report—A line graph displays how many issues were active for a given time so that you can observe the activity at various points.
  • Statistics Report—This is similar to an Activity Report displaying your totals and carry over for a period: how many issues were created, closed, active, etc.

The Service Catalogue is another module in BMC FootPrints that will assist business to understand the metrics being generated by their service desk solution.

Service Catalogue

BMC FootPrints Service Catalogue offers a configurable menu of services to their customers. This enables IT to demonstrate value to the business and provide transparency of service costs.

Items commonly found in the Service Catalogue include:

  • New equipment requests – like laptops
  • Critical business services – such as email
  • HR services such as take-on of a new employee.

An entry in the Service Catalogue includes a description of the service, the cost and the service level agreement in a customer-friendly explanation. Because of the flexibility, BMC FootPrints Service Catalogue can be used in any organisation or department. It is frequently found in IT, HR, Accounts, Facilities and External Customer Support.

Read our article “BMC Service Catalogue Module” for a more detailed discussion of the Service Catalogue.


Business Metrics Reporting embedded into BMC FootPrints enables the business to understand the complexities of their IT infrastructure. It also assists the IT team to produce meaningful business metrics, that are easily understood by management, which shows the value IT adds to the organisation.

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