BMC Client Management integration with Microsoft DHCP

When creating a new rollout you are able to tell the rollout to use DHCP as a method to collect the Master or nearest Relay information.

The DHCP information below will need to be applied to EACH DHCP Server in the company on each network scope.

BCM Agent Rollout.

  • When in the Rollout Wizard (or editing a current rollout) visit the COMMUNICATION section (or node)
    BMC Client Management
  • Ensure you tick the option to “Configure the relay or use master otherwise” check box. and Click Next
  • Click Next to bypass the General Parameters section in order to get to COMMUNICATION section
  • Select AUTO-SELECT RELAY and add DHCP EXTENDED OPTION to the box on the right.
  • Type in 222 {default setting for BCM}  and click OK.
  • Add Backup Relay {in case of no DHCP} and add in : {use your own server/ip with :1610 at the back
    of string}
  • Complete the rollout wizard
  • To edit a current rollout, you will find the COMMUNICATION node.

DHCP – Creation option 222

The first step is to edit the DHCP at your head office to create option 222 and point to the Master IP address.  For other remote, WAN connected networks, the DHCP option 222 will point to that networks’ relay server.

Open Microsoft DHCP at head office

  • Expand the primary DHCP Server.  On IPv4 below it right click and select SET PREDEFINED Options.
  • Complete form EXACTLY as below.  Do not enter any other information.
  • The following steps may vary as per your DHCP design.
    The assumption here will be that you have multiple subnets served by one DHCP server at Head Office.  Then you Expand IPv4 and select SERVER OPTIONS. The reasoning is that all these subnets are on fast LAN networks,served by this one DHCP server.  Any value added to SERVER OPTIONS will automatically be given to all subnets on this DHCP.
  • Under SERVER OPTIONS in the right pane right click and ADD select “CONFIGURE OPTIONS”
  • This form appear
  • Scroll down until you see option 222
  • Check it and then the Data Entry section enables. Type in here the IP ADDRESS of the MASTER Server.
  • Repeat these steps for each DHCP Server at different locations.  But in those locations specify the RELAY SERVER IP.

That is all that is required. When the agent is installed on a Windows Device, it will query option 222 from the IP options assigned to this device. It will then use this information to find the nearest relay/master

This is ideal for environments with portable users that travel between offices.

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