Business Intelligence.

Monitor, analyse, forecast and ultimately transform your business with the DocuPhase Analytics solution.


The Power of Business Intelligence. 

DocuPhase Analytics provides insightful business intelligence to increase visibility into operations, accelerate decision making and unlock the value of your data. Designed to be intuitive and easy to use, our BI solution makes the creation of complex what-if scenarios and in-depth analyses simpler and more effective. Monitor and analyze your performance right from your desktop, or while on the go with mobile BI; you can access your business intelligence any where, at any time, from any device.


Integration with all your Core Systems

DocuPhase Analytics is fully integrated into the DocuPhase content management system and tied directly to your business processes. The BI tool can be called upon from directly within the DocuPhase solution, rather than a separate system. For the first time, you can gain real time visibility into your business from directly within your content management solution.

Executive, Operational and Performance Dashboards

Offer the specific information that each member of your team needs to monitor, evaluate and analyse operations. Interactive gauges offer easy-to-use and understand business intelligence.

Gain Complete Visibility

DocuPhase Analytics provides a high level overview of your processes. Gain a bird’s eye view of your workflows to monitor the overall performance of your organization as a whole. Quickly identify and resolve process bottlenecks.

Monitor Operational Performance

With our tool, you can take a deeper dive into the specific tasks driving your workflow. Monitor and evaluate the performance of individual users or processes. Drill down into the specific details of each process step in a workflow.

Improve Forecasting

Our BI tool allows for advanced what-if simulations. Manipulate resources, volume and time to identify potential challenges or opportunities. Pro-actively respond to market changes; improve forecasting and decision making.

Real-time Alerts & Notifications

Enable real-time notifications that will automatically alert you to any changes according to the specific parameters you establish. Stay competitive without constantly monitoring your performance. Setting up alerts is simple; instant notifications can be received from within the tool, on your mobile device, or right in your inbox.

Get Insight into your Business

The combination of workflow with business intelligence enables organizations to incorporate their unstructured content, harness their structured data, link their workflows and ultimately monitor, analyse and optimize their operations. The performance metrics, reports and dashboards that are available for a high-level business overview can also be viewed for specific processes. Gain new insight into your business with the ability to evaluate your workflows and performance side by side.

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